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Jan 8, 2020

Know Everything About Melamine Polish And Its Process



SANDING: As with French polish, in this polish, the surface is first covered with coarse polished paper and then sanded with soft polish paper.

SEALER COAT Melamine sealants are commercially available. This coat of sealer should be sprayed/brushed first. With the use of the sealer, the absorption of melamine in wood pellets is reduced and the adherence to the surface is increased. It takes about 12 hours for the sealer to dry.

SANDING WITH WATER PAPER: By drying the sealer coat, the surface is sanded with soft water paper. Unlike normal brown sandpaper, water paper is black in colour and is actually a cloth with emery particles stuck to it. 
This paper is immersed in water and used while there is adequate water during the grinding action. This sanding removes excess coats of sealer and also makes the surface smoother.

FILLING WITH MELAMINE FILLERS: Special multi-stain filler paste is commercially available, and these fillers should only be used to polish melamine. When selecting the correct fill, you need to fill it in small or large holes. After filling, approximately 4 to 6 hours, light sand is made from water paper. After this, the surface is allowed to air for approximately 12 hours.

FIRST COAT OF MELAMINE: Melamine polish is generally sprayed with a spray gun. Melamine polishing comes in a two-pack system. The large can contains melamine and the hardening of a small bottle. The correct amount of hardener must be added to the melamine before spraying. Compressed air is supplied to the spray gun by a compressor. 

Polishing the spray is efficient to work and must be done by a trained worker. The worker should wear a mask as toxic fumes can develop when sprayed. In fact, after clearing, toxic fumes develop within the first hour, and if the area isn't well ventilated, the smell lasts for a month.

RE-SANDING WITH WATER PAPER: After drying the first coat, that is, about 24 hours later, the surface is well soundproof with soft water paper. It is then allowed to air for about 12 hours.

FINAL COAT OF MELAMINE POLISH: The final coat is provided by spraying melamine just like the first coat.

There may be some differences in the process described above. Some Polish men give French-Polish coats instead of sealing coats. But the recommended procedure is explained above. Variations should be avoided as much as possible

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The process of coating the melamine polish is as below


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