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Jul 10, 2022

Stair Case Calculator | Staircase Concrete Calculator | Calculate stair rise and tread - lceted

Stair Case Calculator | Stair Case Calculation | Quantity Estimator | Concrete Calculator for Stairs – Metric | Concrete Calculator for Stairs – Imperial | Stair Calculator - Calculate stair rise and run | Staircase Excel sheet |


Our Stair Case Calculator estimates the volume and materials required for the given staircase details. On this calculator page, you can also calculate stair rise and tread and stair angle

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Stair Case Calculator


This calculator gives you,

Waist slab (ft) = (√(Riser)2 + (Tread)2)

Number of Riser = Height of stair/Riser

Number of Treads = Length of stair/Riser

Volume of 1 step = 0.5 x Riser x Tread x Width of stair

Volume of Total step = Volume of 1 step x No of riser

Length of Waist Slab = (Number of riser x Tread)

Height of Waist Slab

Slant Height of waist slab = (√(Length of waist slab)2 + (Height of waist slab)2)

Volume of Waist slab = Width of stair x Thickness of Waist Slab X Slant Height

Total volume of stair (cft) = Volume of total step + Volume of waist slab

Total volume of stair (cum) = (Volume of total step + Volume of waist slab)/35.315

Dry volume of Stair in Cum  = Volume of stair x 1.524

Dry volume of Stair in cft = (Volume of stair x 35.315)

Cement Volume = (Dry volume x Cement)/sum of ratio)

Cement in kgs = (cement volume x 1440)

No of Cement Bags = (Cement Volume/0.035)

Sand Volume in cum= (Dry volume x Sand)/sum of ratio)

Sand Volume in cft = ((Dry volume x Sand)/sum of ratio)) x 35.313

Sand in Kgs = (Sand Volume x 1550)

Sand in Ton = (Sand Volume x 1550)/1000

Aggregate Volume In cum = (Dry volume x Aggregate)/sum of ratio)

Aggregate Volume In cft = (Dry volume x Aggregate)/sum of ratio) x 35.313

Aggregate In Kgs = (Aggregate Volume x 1350)

Aggregate In Ton = (Aggregate Volume x 1350)/1000

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Note: This calculation tool was developed with great care. However, we cannot be held responsible for its liability.



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Terminology (Terms) of staircase calculator

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Terminology (Terms) of staircase calculator



1. The respective tread and riser dimensions for all the parallel steps should be the same on the consecutive floor of a building.

2. The minimum vertical headroom above any step should be 2 m.

3. Commonly, the number of risers in a flight should be restricted to twelve.

4. The minimum width of stairs should be 850 mm, though it is desirable to have a width between 1.1 to 1.6 m. Large stair widths should be provided in a public buildings, cinema halls, etc.

5. Staircase angle of inclinations should not more than 40 degrees horizontal.



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