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Jan 26, 2021

What is a Wirecut Bricks | Manufacturing Process | Usages | Specifications

What are Wirecut Bricks

Wire cut bricks are manufactured in the factory-like ordinary bricks. The face finish is much higher than normal bricks. For the same reason, these bricks are used for exposed masonry.


Wirecut Bricks


Manufacturing Process Wire Cut Bricks

its made by cutting a brick-sized piece from the shafts (mould) of the clay using a wire tool. Once the clay has been made into a large, rectangular object, it is cut into several brick-sized pieces by the wires are pushed through the clay mould.

Surface of bricks will be rough because in this process is produced by stretching the clay as the wire is pushed and forced through the clay mould. Cutting clay with the wire creates a mark on the curved surface of the brick that makes them recognise easily. And also creates minor cracks on the surface

On the brick heating process, in which the moisture from the clay is heated and the clay molecules heat up together, strengthens the product for the long run. Stretch marks on the surface of fired brick are divided into crevasses and rough cracks, and this characteristic gives bricks a visual appeal that many builders and homeowners seek in a finished look.

Wire-cut bricks manufacturing require much less time than table mould bricks.The whole process will require a team of no more than five people to produce the bricks with a brick making machine. for load the clay brick material into the machine's hopper and to add the appropriate amount of water to the mixture requires Two persons. for pushing the material into the chamber room and pulls out the tie and transfer it cutting table needs one person. Finally, the wire cut bricks are cut by a fourth worker using a wire tool, and the fifth worker transfers the bricks from the cutting table to the drying rack.


Wirecut bricks can be used in

1.  Exposed area

2.  Non-plastered wall of both interior or exterior walls


Specifications of Wire Cut Bricks

Wire Cut Bricks - machine made.

The edges are sharp and borders are straight

Available Size -  9 x 4 x 3 (Inches)

Surface - Smooth finish

Compression Strength - should be less than 105 kg/sq cm

Water absorption – do not exceed 20%





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