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Feb 19, 2021

WPC Board | Sizes of WPC Board | Pros and cons of WPC | Composition

What is WPC Boards?

WPC boards are an excellent alternative to natural wood and plywood. WPC boards are the solution to all the problems faced by plywood. WPC boards have high strength, weight and above all and no wood (tree) is cut in their production. So, let’s understand the composition of WPC boards.

WPC - wood-based plastic composite boards


Composition Of WPC Boards

70% virgin polymer

15% wood powder (fibre)

Remaining 15% additives.


Where Can I Use Wpc Board?

Uses and Applications of WPC Boards


WPC boards can be used in modular kitchens, home and office furniture, ceiling solutions, wall panels, cabinets, industrial section, bathroom cabinets, cabinets and control panels, door frames and rails and Windows.


WPC boards can be used for building board/formwork, garden furniture, exterior wall cladding, park benches and fences, prefab houses, other outdoor applications, and outdoor deck flooring.


1.   Display boards,

2.   Direct digital printing,

3.   Signboards

4.   Graphics  

5.   Exhibitions stand.

Advantages of WPC Board

There are various Advantages of the WPC the board that are listed below:

1. Its look like natural wood and feel also like it. It requires less maintenance and repair

2. It is highly moisture resistant so it is a highly durable material.

3. It also has termites and fungi resistance.

4. It has corrosion resistances

5. It ECO friendly - Because it is composed of recycled plastic and wood waste

6. Nails, screws and fasteners are more commonly fixed when used with WPC compared to natural wood.

7. It is becoming popular because it avoids unnecessary logs and is made from waste in a very effective way to create advanced construction materials.


Disadvantages of WPC Boards

1. The temperature resistance of WPC is low compared to wood. If you place kitchen utensils directly on WPC boards, it will give the impression of melting if the temperature is above 70C.

2. The laser cutter cannot be used on WPC boards because it will burn the boards.

3. It contains wood fibre and plastic polymer so the disadvantages of these two materials are in it.

4. WPC products are more expensive compared to other products used for the same purpose.

5. It does not have a natural wood texture and therefore does not have the feel of natural wood. 

WPC Board

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