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May 23, 2021

What Is Lean Concrete | Advantages | Grade Of Concrete

Concrete with less than 10% cement content can be called Lean Concrete. 

The higher aggregate to cement ratio, the leaner is the concrete.  So, in this type of concrete, a small amount of paste is available to provide lubrication per surface area of the aggregate. Therefore it restricts the mobility of the aggregates in the mixture.

Lean concrete serves the purpose of providing a uniform surface to the concrete foundation. It also helps prevent direct contact of foundation concrete with soil. This is a good option to provide a flat floor for uneven or dirty areas.

Since lean concrete uses a small amount of cement, it is used under fillings or foundations so that the structure remains protected from soil.

A very flat surface on which the foundation type can be laid is mainly made of lean concrete.

Protecting the foundation from the attack of moisture and chemicals in the soil by placing a layer of lean concrete between the structure and the soil is a widespread application. An example mix of lean concrete is 1: 4: 8 with 7% cement content. .


lean concrete


Usually 1: 3: 6, 1: 4: 8 and 1: 5: 10 mixes are used for lean concrete mixes.



Grade of concrete (M-5) → 1: 5: 10 (cement: sand: aggregates) 

M-5 grade concrete will give a total characteristic strength of

5 MPa.


Grade of concrete ( M-7.5 )→ 1: 4: 8  (cement: sand: aggregates) 

M-7.5 grade concrete will give a total characteristic strength of

7.5 MPa.


Grade of concrete ( M-10)→ 1: 3: 6 (cement: sand: aggregates)

M-10 grade concrete will give a total characteristic strength of

10 MPa.


Advantages Of Lean Concrete:

1. The main function of lean concrete is to provide a uniform surface to the foundation concrete and to prevent direct contact of the foundation concrete with the soil.

2. Lean concrete is used under the foundation.

3. Lean concrete is used to provide a level surface, where the main foundation (raft, isolated or any other type) can be laid.

4. Another objective is to protect the main foundation from the soil below because moisture in the soil or other chemicals such as sulfates can attack the concrete and weaken it.

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