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Jun 3, 2021




The Pre Construction Stage Can Be Broadly Classified As Pour Planning Stage And Pour Checks Stage.

1)  Once the pour is planned, it is required to check the various sub-activities listed earlier article in parallel for speedy clearance of the pour.

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2)  This is ensured to avoid any delay required for rectification if any after the pour is ready.

Following procedures are to be followed during pour checking:

Site Register: During parallel checking record of sub-activities  are to be cleared or observation to be recorded requires rectification.  This should be maintained at the site regularly.

Pour Card: This gives pour inspection information. This enables us to know about all concerned officials have extended their clearance for the specific pour.

A Checklist can be prepared for specific activities, which shall help for clearing the pour card.

Drawing control record: Reference drawing must be checked with an updated drawing control record. Further ECN, DCN, FCN, or hold  if any between various grids and elevation also need to be checked.  Details of pour plan and sequence of concreting to be done at the site  and must be properly defined before the start of the work.

Other requirements: Following information is also to be identified  before the start of the work.

1)  Type of finish required.

2)  Slope and its extent on the surface of the concrete.

3)  Location of the sump in a pour if any.

4)  Location of green cutting requirement in a pour.

5)  Level of bulb of PVC water stops, its location and alignment.

6)  Location and alignment of EP’s.

7)  Planned schedule for availability of workers during and immediately after the concreting. If required the shift arrangement must be ensured.

8)  In addition to above following details are also important for Site Supervisor / Site Engineer

9)  Concrete requisition slip shall be given at least 24 hrs. in advance for all major pours to ensure availability of approved construction material.

10)   Pour card clearance should be ensured before the start of the work.

11)   Assessment of job hazard and preventive measures to be ensured by the Site Engineer.

12)   Aptitude for safety and housekeeping helps for faster and safer completion.

13)   Post-concrete inspection report to be prepared for all major pours.



Following are also required before the start of concrete

1)  To ensure availability and functioning of vibrators.

2)  Proper walkways.

3)  Adequate Lighting arrangement.

4)  Availability of walky-talkies / Phones.

5)  Covering material, for sun/rain protection.

6)  Dewatering arrangement: - If work is being done during the monsoon and at lower elevation.

7)  Stand - by the arrangement of machinery to be ensured before the start of the work.

8)  Stand - by the arrangement of power supply to be ensured before the start of the work.

9)  Ensure the availability of supervision staff for the next few hours after the last concrete is placed at the site to maintain the proper finishing, slope,  etc as per requirement.

10)   Awareness of the reporting system to whom matter to be informed, in case of emergencies. (Knowledge of telephone nos. of the immediate  superior official is essential.)

11)   During pour checking apart from the above requirement should  important for a site supervisor/site engineer.

12)   Pour card i.e pour inspection clearance.

13)   Assessment of job hazard and preventive measures.

14)   Aptitude for safety and housekeeping.

15)   Post-concrete inspection report

16)   Concrete requisition slips at least 24 hrs in advance to be given to  ensure, availability of approved material for the work.

17)   Post-concrete inspection report

18)   Rectification, if found any non-conformance during Post concrete inspection.





1)  Site engineer has to ensure that necessary checking at the pour  wise reference to various agencies have been checked and cleared.

2)  Assessment of safe access, approach for machinery, worker etc is available.

3)  Requirement w.r.t ramp, the slope of access & approach and skilled  manpower to handle the machinery like placer boom, concrete  pumps, vibrators, concrete pipes, and necessary stand by spare  parts are available.

4)  Proper communication system from the batching plant to the place of pouring the concrete is available.

5)  Details regarding the location from the grid to grid - indicating final level/slope or finish to be maintained is identified.

6)  Arrangement for green cutting and stand by arrangement for  concreting is ensured.



1)  Skilled manpower like a carpenter is available to review the position of formwork during concreting.

2)  Proper slope /levels/finishing/green cutting to be made on the finished concrete surface.

3)  Alignment of the support system of formwork needs continuous attention during concreting.



One the last batch of concrete is received and placed at the site, site supervisor/Engineer responsibility dose does not end with the placement of the final load of concrete. Before he leaves the site he must ensure  the arrangement required as per planning of the pour is available.  Further the requirement of maintaining green cutting / protection of  the concrete surface from sun/rain and curing arrangement for  the area to be ensured effectively.

Post concrete inspection to done as per requirement w.r.t.

1)  Alignment.

2)  Dimension.

3)  Levels.

4)  Slopes.

5)  Type of Finish.

6)  Location & Levels of embedded parts.


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