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Jun 4, 2021

Site Engineer: Post-concrete Inspection | LCETED


The responsibility of the Site Engineer is not only to ensure proper pour planning and effective execution of the work but also to ensure that desired results w.r.t quality of the work, i.e finishing, slope, alignment and bulging etc.

After formwork is removed site engineer must ensure the following w.r.t post concrete inspection.

1.   Depending upon the tolerance available as per drawing and specification post concrete inspection to be made very next day after removal of the formwork.

2.   Depending upon the inspection testing plan the record must be generated to have specific identification of nonconformance noticed beyond the acceptable limit.

3.   Specific attention is given in the following area particularly:


·       Identification of honeycomb portion.

·       Identification of bulging beyond the acceptable limit.

·       Identification of poor finish achieved against the requirement beyond the acceptable limit.

·       Identification of improper slope in the concrete floor against requirement beyond the acceptable limit.

·       Identification of poor construction joint needs immediate repair and attention to make it ready to receive the next course of concrete.

·       Identification of projected reinforcement or any other support cast for giving support of formwork needs to be treated properly after the purpose achieved for which it has been left.

·       Identification of tie holes that are to be repaired immediately before going ahead for the next pours.

·       Removal of the left shutter/formwork piece/gunny bags etc. to be ensured, from the concrete surface.

·       Identification of the location of critical EP’s if it is dislocated from the position or identification any left out of EP’s if due to oversight or mismatch in the drawings.

·       Identification of the location of the PVC water stop and their joints.

·       Identification of cracks to be ensured along with the comments if it is serious.

·       Identification of grouting nozzles etc to be made which have to be placed before next the course of concrete.

·       It must be ensured that scaffolding, pipes, other construction material should not be stacked on already constructed walls/locations where further pours are to be done and PVC water stop is partly embedded. This shall protect the PVC water bar from getting damaged.


Post-concrete Inspection

Post-concrete Inspection

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