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Jun 29, 2021

Staircase Components or Parts Details | Staircase Design - LCETED


A few technical terms generally used for the design of stairs are defined below:

1. Baluster: It is a vertical member supporting the handrail. The combined framework of handrail and baluster is known as a balustrade.

2. Flight: It is a series of steps without any platform or landing or break in their direction.

3. Tread: It is an upper horizontal part of a step on which the foot is placed while ascending or descending a stairway.

4. Step: This is a portion of a stair that comprises the tread and riser. This permits ascending or descending from one floor to another.

5. Riser: This is a vertical member between two treads. This provides support to the tread.

6. Rise: This is the vertical distance between the upper faces of any two consecutive steps.

7. Flier: It is a straight step having a parallel width of the tread.

8. Landing: This is a platform provided between two flights.

9. Nosing: This is the outer projecting edge of a tread. This is generally made round to give an appearance that is more pleasing and makes the stair easy to negotiate.

10. Going: This is the width of the tread between two successive risers. In other words, it is the horizontal distance between the faces of two consecutive risers.

11. Winders: They are tapering steps used for changing the direction of a stair.

12. String or Stringer: This is a sloping member which supports the steps in a stair.

13. Newel Post: This is the vertical post placed at the top and bottom ends of flights supporting the handrails.

14. Run: This is the total length of stairs in a horizontal plane, including landings.

15. Soffit: This is the underside of a stair.

16. Header: This is a horizontal structural member supporting stair stringers or landings.

17. Carriage: This is a rough timber supporting the steps of wooden stairs.

18. Staircase: It is the space or enclosure or room which contains the complete stairway.

Staircase Components or Parts Details


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