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Feb 24, 2022

Plywood vs Blockboard - Which to choose for your Furniture and Budget? | lceted

Plywood vs Blockboard


Plywood and blockboard are two separate and distinct things. In this article, we will look at the differences between these two types of engineered woods


The main differences between the two are listed below.



Plywood vs Blockboard

Variation In Composition and How They are Made.

Plywood sheets commonly used in the manufacture of wooden furniture are made from several thin sheets of individual veneers - wood (layers/pieces of wood). All these layers are pressed together to form a plywood sheet. If all of these individual layers of wood are derived from one hardwood, the plywood sheet usually obtained is called 100% hardwood plywood.

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The core of the blockboard, on the other hand, is made of solid wood blocks (these blocks are rectangular blocks/strips built from softwood). All of these small blocks are approximately the same size and are set from end to end to form the entire Blockboard core. Like plywood, an upper and lower veneer (wooden layer) is bonded/glued to these blocks to create faces/surfaces.


Externally the plywood and blockboard are both identical (especially if you do not see the edges of the board), although the pictures above prove that the composition of the blockboards is completely different.


Blockboard vs Plywood  Manufacturing

The difference in The Way They are Used.

Although plywood is suitable for most furniture-making needs, it tends to sag or bend when very long pieces are used. In such cases, it is preferable to use blockboards rather than plywood.


For example, when long pieces of wood are needed for furniture such as long tables or countertops and some load-bearing benches, blockboards are preferred over plywood. Other common uses of Blockboard such as doors, panels and partitions.



The difference in Material Used.

Best quality commercial and marine plywood are made using veneers that are thicker and heavier than softwood. Hardwood is considered to be a stronger and more durable material than softwood. An example of hardwood is something like teak wood


Blockboards are usually sandwiched between hardwood veneers with a centre made of softwood blocks (e.g. a mango tree). Sometimes two veneers are used on either side to reinforce the blockboard.

The softwood core makes the board lighter in weight, however, the use of solid wood blocks ensures that it is strong enough to withstand significant loads.

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Differences in workmanship

Unlike plywood, which is uniform throughout its length and width, blocks of blackboards may have small gaps between them that cannot be seen from the outside. Due to this the nails driven to the boards (for example to attach a frame to the board) can sometimes go into these gaps instead of solid wood. However, this is usually not a major drawback.

Ease of handling

Blockboard vs Plywood  Ease of handling

Strength and durability

Strength and durability

Water and moisture resistant properties

Water and moisture resistant properties

Physical properties

Physical properties

Sizes Available

Sizes Available


Plywood and blockboard will be selected depending on the application. Blockboards are preferred over plywood for elongated elements such as furniture, shelves, desks, etc. Plywood is recommended for kitchen cabinets and interior work, where the gaps should be less and carry more loads. Blockboard is preferred for partitions, doors, etc.

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