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Aug 19, 2022

Staircase Slope Calculator | How To Calculate Slope Of Staircase - lceted

How To Calculate Slope of Stairs | Stair Slope in Degrees | Staircase Slope Calculator | Calculating Staircase Slope

A staircase is one of the most important elements of a building. It allows people to move/access/walk different floors of a building. While planning to construct the staircase, it is always necessary to calculate the angle/slope of the staircase flight, to make sure that it is not too steep. 

How to calculate the angle of staircase


The calculation of the slope of the stairs is very simple and easy. It can be done by two methods


Method 1: Calculating the angle using Riser and thread measurement


Given data:

Riser = 150mm.

Tread = 250mm.



Slope = (riser/tread) = 150mm/250mm = 0.6



Slope = tan θ



0.6 = tan θ

θ = tan-1 (0.6)

θ = 30.96°

Stair Calculator


Method 2: Calculating the angle using the height & horizontal distance of the staircase


Given data:

Height of landing = 1250mm.

Horizontal distance = 2075mm.


tan θ = (opposite/adjacent)

tan θ = (Height of landing/horizontal distance) = (1250mm/2075mm) = 0.60


tan θ = 0.60

θ = tan-1 (0.604)

θ = 31.07 °

Stair Calculator

@teamlceted advise you to build stairs that are not too steep or not steep enough (a stair slope of 30° to 40° is considered standard). Note: This calculation tool was developed with great care. However, we cannot be held responsible for its liability. 

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