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Sep 18, 2022

Daily progress report of the construction | Daily Progress Report pdf Format Download

What is the daily progress report of the construction?

A construction site's daily progress report is a daily document of the progress achieved on an ongoing project, typically including Labour contributions, material and equipment inventory, and progress evaluation.

daily progress report


Uses of a Daily Progress Report

Site logs in their various applications provide the following;

It can be used as an official document for your defence in disputes.

Daily Progress reports (DPR) will benefit your clients/customers.

In the event of any delay or interruption occurring and/or likely to occur in the future.

Daily reports refresh our memory and monitor on-site activities.

Safety, industrial and/or environmental accidents or incidents: impact of who was affected and who was involved, when and where it occurred, work and photographs of the event.

Keeping a detailed record gives insight into a project to increase productivity and efficiency.

The number of workers and working hours.

Project status - Activity completed for the day.


What goes into the daily report?

Daily reports all have different building blocks because they cover only what you need. Here are the most common elements:

Project Information: Project name, address, report date etc. Adding this information enables Project managers, clients, and other parties to immediately see which project is going with which report. This will help when you need to look up an old report in your archive.

Weather conditions: Changes in weather such as heavy rain, snow or sun heat waves can cause delays to affect worker performance and increase the potential for accidents (For example when pouring concrete slabs).

Labour Hours Spent: Workers on site, how many hours they worked and what they did.

Used and Received Equipment’s: Equipment (Eg: Mixer Machine, Vibrator, lift machine) was used or received and which was not received (causing delay).

Work in Progress and Completed Work: What work is in progress (Eg, slab shuttering 70% complete) and what work has been completed (can be documented with photographs).

Potential risks, problems, delays: Areas to watch out for, where managers or the client might step in (Eg another contractor's delay prevents you from starting your part). Be sure to include photos so everyone can see the exact issue.

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Daily Progress Report

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