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Oct 8, 2020

How To Check Quality Of Granite Slabs Before Buying It?-LCETED

How to check quality of granite slabs before buying it?

Floor and wall colour of granite are two important factors that determine our interior appearance.

There are many brands that offer high-class paints. But there are no standards. Conversely, cheating customers in the granite industry is not a difficult task. So, here are some key factors to determine the quality of any granite:

Granite is a natural source. There will always be variations from one slab to another. To add, the granite display requires a bit of variation as it will provide a naturalistic look to your floor and will not look like a factory-made tile.

However, when selecting specific granite in the showroom/factory, make sure that there are no major pattern variations in the lot. In many granite showrooms, they often put flat granite patterns on top and after a few slabs there will be a major pattern change. For example, after a few slabs, there may be a thick black line across the slab or large patch etc.

This is the most important factor in choosing any granite. Most consumers are unaware that the colour of granite can be changed using chemicals. However, the colour changed so that it does not last long. Once the granite is laid, a few years later, there will be a colour fading near the area where the direct sunlight touches and faint near the walking area. To add, the area under the couch or bed will retain the same colour.

How do you know if a particular granite is coloured?
Check with the showroom representative. You can use a few drops of water on the side of the granite slab (seamless edges), and if you notice a large colour difference, the granite sheets may indicate that they are coloured.
The important factor to determining the price of a granite slab is the way it is polished. Generally, any granite layer can be polished in 3 ways

1. Hand Polishing

2. Automatic Polishing

3. Line Polishing

Hand polishing is a handy way to polish a granite slab. Both automatic polishing and line polishing does not involve any worker polishing the slab.

line polishing is the most advanced way of polishing compared to hand polishing or auto polishing. When it comes to pricing, hand polishing and the auto polishing cost is less than line polishing  

How To Check Quality Of Granite Slabs
How To Check Quality Of Granite Slabs


We will always be interested in buying hard granite materials. No one would be really interested in buying soft or weak granite. We can measure the strength or resistance of any mineral or granite is generally measured on the Mohs scale.

A Moh hardness value with any granite is equal to or greater than 6 is a hard material. But the Moh's hardness value can only be obtained through laboratory tests.
Two different strength granite materials to compare with a raw way of scratching a piece of granite with another pointed edge granite. If granite A scratches granite B, then granite A is a harder material than B and vice versa.
The most popular stone countertop options classified on the Mohs scale. Which is listed below
Check Quality Of Granite Slabs

The most important factors to choosing a granite by the amount of wastage we want a sacrifice for the particular piece. Always prefer its 3 sides cut out with granite seats. This will help you save money.

The concept is if you want to buy 500 sqft of granite material if you are buying granite where its edges are not cut you have a lot of choices and you have to buy 600 to 620 sqft excess for the wastage

if the edges are cut you have to buy 525 to 550 square feet. Because we don’t need to cut it and have wastages

In General, edge cut granite material is slightly more expensive than un-cut granite material. Considering the waste, you can always opt for a slightly more expensive granite than a large amount of waste produce by cheap granite.

We Hope you apply these conditions while you buying the granite for your work

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