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Mar 18, 2021

How To Calculate Quantity Of Binding Wire For Steel Works | its uses | types

The purpose of binding wires is used to retain steel rod connection throughout the construction process. The binding wires are used to hold the reinforcing bars to join the structure.


The diameters of binding wire vary from 0.62 mm to 1.2 mm.


1.   Maintain the location and direction of the rebars.

2.   Keep the lapped bard in position.

3.   Safe space bars and chair in place.

4.   Assist with other construction-related tasks.

5.  Maintain precise design location, orientation (direction) of steel bars. To prevent displacement when pouring concrete on steel rods, When concreting concrete with vibration and when workers walk on them.

6.   They keep the folded wires in excellent condition.

7.   To protect secondary chairs, spacer bars, etc. during construction.

8.   For other construction-related purposes.

9.   The quantity of binding wires is based on the type of structure and type of bar. For heavy structure, a large quantity is required whereas a minimum quantity is required for the light structure.

10.  Unchanged diameter by following IS codes

11.  Constant strength and dilution

12. Soft and flexible to handle easy and strong enough to sustain rebars



There are six different ways to the binding wire. You can get an idea from the picture below.

Binding Wire For Steel Works

How To Calculate Quantity Of Binding Wire For Steel Works

As the diameter of the main bar increases, the quantity size of the binding wire decreases. But if the diameter is reduced, the size of the binding wire will increase.

The size of the binding wire can be determined based on thumb rules.

Typically 1000 kg (1 ton), the size of the binding wire is found to be 9 to 15 kg. According to industry practice, the size of the binding wire varies from 8 to 12 kg per 1000 kg (1 ton) of steel. There is a difference as the bar diameter varies.



Work out the quantity of binding wire necessary for 50,000 kg of steel reinforcement.

Solution: Choose the average value of 8 to 12 kg  for example 8+12 = 20/2 = 10 kg per 1000 kg.

Total amount of binding wire = 10 kg /1000 kg x 50,000 kg = 500 kg 

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