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May 3, 2021

Reasons We Need BIM in Constructions - LCETED

With the increasing problems in construction projects, the room for errors and miscommunication has increased significantly. Problem Solving Players need to change their preference for digitalization by developing computer-assisted design and information modeling (BIM) software.


In simple terms, BIM is the integrated process of visually representing a construction project or creating the essential physical and functional properties of a building in a digital model.


Reason We Need BIM in Constructions
Reason We Need BIM in Constructions

BIM depicts the structural elements of a building, such as the layout of beam or load-bearing walls, but it also shows all the data and numeric values ​​attached to those beams and walls. This creates a complete arrangement at each stage of the building project.



1. Collaboration and communication

Cooperation between members of a construction team can often be conflicting. The BIM integration model solves this problem by integrating individual sub-models from different segments, which enables collaboration across the team.


The BIM integration model is accessible to all involved in the project and is used for communication. Communication is simplified because the latest information is constantly available in the centralized program. This gives the engineer the ability to relay to the client or owner, how the finished product will look, and allow them to easily see the impact of the changes.


2. Streamlined workflow

The BIM model contains all the information related to the dimensions and position of the components from all the sections, making it possible to represent almost every stage in the life cycle of a building. Through design all models from design to design are supported by 3D models and can communicate seamlessly.


Designers and architects can provide highly realistic visualizations of the finished product, helping engineers and contractors with their respective phases of the project. BIM's integration capabilities represent reduced copy work, which allows better downline integration.


3. Cash savings

While there is an obvious cost to implementing and training BIM software in a company’s workflows, there is plenty of research to suggest that companies that use BIM save significantly on their time and money.


Due to the streamlined workflow BIM facilities, maintenance costs can be predicted, the design is more accurate and reduces construction problems, duplicate work and human errors are minimized, and some tasks can be automated with increased accuracy.


4. High energy efficiency

The integration of the BIM creates a more accurate representation overall, which can be incredibly helpful when trying to determine the costs associated with operating and maintaining a building. BIM software has a feature called Life-Cycle Assessment, which deeply analyzes the environmental impact on built assets and measures the amount of waste or pollution produced due to equipment or activity such as drilling or drilling.


Elements such as power consumption, light and energy use can be planned and evaluated with thermal simulations in the early stages of the building, effectively providing optimal energy consumption for its entire life cycle. LEED certification is incorporated into BIM workflows, which differentiate the level of environmental friendliness or “green” qualities of a building. This has increased the value of uniformity for owners, shareholders and investors.

5. Advanced understanding

The advanced understanding that BIM creates will also greatly benefit the construction team. The 3D model gives contractors a better understanding of complex structures. This results in less RFIs, time savings and budget savings. The ability to quickly model conditions in the BIM environment is a quick problem solver and corrects them when field issues arise.


6. Intuition

Traditionally, data conflicts or problems have arisen as a result of merging multiple sectors working in isolation, which can be a serious impediment to construction progress. BIM software programs solve this because they are intuitive. Conflict detection is a standard feature in software that automatically flags conflicting features from different categories. For example, a collision detector will select a pipeline-like problem running through a steel beam and notify the BIM coordinator to fix it. This saves time and money.


7. Construction Management

The integrated BIM model refers to the dimensionally precise arrangement of a building or structure that gives a real, comprehensive scale feel. This, in turn, gives future owners of a building a complete idea of ​​what the finished product will look like before renovation or construction begins.


This is important because the benefits of advanced understanding go hand in hand with collaboration and communication BIM. Engineers can communicate their ideas very effectively with the client, he can understand the design very easily and can voice any changes or concerns in the early stages of the project. Of course, this also contributes to BIM-related currency savings; Many repetitions of modeling data do not need to be prepared, products are not ordered unnecessarily, and contractors do not have to reconfigure their values-based on changes requested from the customer.


8. Different design capabilities

Not only can BIM be used in designing and constructing new buildings, but it can also be implemented to renovate existing structures. Laser probes and plots are used to create accurate presentations of structured conditions. It allows engineers and contractors to understand the existing structure, better design around them and better implement renovations, additions or other changes. This eliminates errors in the field and saves overall project time.


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