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Jun 12, 2021

Types Of Roofing | Classfication Of Roof Based On Shape | Lceted


The upper part of the built structure is called the roof, which is provided to protect the building from sun, rain, wind, snow, etc. It protects people, animals and objects inside the building. The roof should be strong, stable, weatherproof and safe against fire and disaster.


Classification of Roof

The roof is classified as per functional requirements. The roofs are mainly classified into three types.


Pitched roof or Sloping Roof

Flat Roof or Terrace Roof

Shell Roofs or curved Roof


These Three roofs are classified below.


Pitched or Sloping Roof


1. Single Roofs

·       Lean-to-roof

·       Collar-beam roof or collar tie

·       Couple roof

·       Couple-close roof


2. Double or Purlin roofs


3. Framed or Trussed or Triple-Membered Roof


·       Queen-post roof truss

·       King-post roof truss

·       Combinations of King-post and Queen-post Trusses

·       Mansard roof truss

·       Belfast roof truss

·       Truncated roof truss

·       Steel sloping roof Trusses

·       Composite roof Trusses


Flat Roof or Terrace Roof

·       Brick concrete Terrace Roofs

·       Jack Arch Flat Roofs

·       C.C or Reinforced Brick Slab roofs

·       Mud- Terrace Roofing

·       Brick- Jelly or Madras Terrace Roofing

·       Bengal- Terrace Roofing

·       Mud-Terraced Roofing.

·       Mud-Phaska Terracing With Tile Paving.

·       Lime Concrete Terrace.

·       Lime Concrete Terracing With Tile Paving.

·       Light Weight Flat Roofing.


Shell Roofs or curved Roof


·       A Dome

·       Barrel Arch

·       Cone

·       Hyperbolic Paraboloid


The structure of the roof should be strong and stable enough to take the loads. Choosing the type of roof depends on the shape or plan of the building, the climatic conditions of the area and the type of construction materials available. So the roof is very important for both your health and safety.

Classfication Of Roof Based On Shape

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