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Jun 6, 2021

What is CPVC PIPES | Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes | Plumbing


CPVC pipe stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a thermoplastic that is produced by chlorination of PVC  resin and can withstand higher temperatures. CPVC pipe is used in hot and cold water pipes, industrial liquid handling.



What is the Difference Between CPVC and PVC?

·       CPVC can handle temperatures up to 200° Fahrenheit. Also, PVC peaks at 140° Fahrenheit.

·       CPVC is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of PVC resin. But PVC is a thermoplastic polymer.

·       CPVC offers huge strength and less flexibility but PVC is less ductile.

·       CPVC Pipes are used in industries for liquid handling but  PVC finds a wide range of application areas in piping,  plumbing etc.

·       CPVC the pipe has a smooth internal surface and extreme temperatures for handling capacities. PVC pipes are non-reactive to acids, cheap, durable and flexible.

·       PVC white used for cold water while CPVC is grey and used to be hot water.

·       CPVC pipes are more impact resistant but PVC pipe can less resistant.

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Applications Of CPVC PIPE

CPVC pipes are used in industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Below are the application areas where  they are used:


§  Chemical & Mineral Processing 

§  Commercial Plumbing

§  Wastewater treatment 

§  Hospitality

§  Power generation

§  Semiconductor 

§  Retail

§  Farm and home irrigation systems

§  Drainage and sewage infrastructure

§  Education

§  Healthcare

§  Multifamily and high rise


CPVC Pipes are used in saltwater lines, the sugar industry,  coal washing, corrosive fluid transportation and more. These pipes are the most suitable, easy and economical solution for the transportation and distribution of potable water. CPVC Pipe is the best alternative to steel and copper pipe for fire sprinkler applications. To get more information about

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