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Apr 7, 2022

UPVC Plumbing Pipes | Advantages | Which is better PVC or uPVC?

What is uPVC in plumbing?

UPVC Plumbing Pipes

UPVC pipes and fittings are widely used around the world. Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is an un-plasticized PVC that does not contain a plasticizer. It is also resistant to various types of chemical damage. UPVC is a hard, thin, transparent and hard-to-wear material that resists the impact of the atmosphere, moisture and various chemicals.

These pipes are less flexible and harder in nature. UPVC pipes are especially known for their

·       Durability

·       Fire resistance

·       Recycling


Advantages of Using UPVC Pipes and fittings



Lead-free pipe: uPVC pipes and fittings are lead-free and suitable for drinking water.


Strong and lightweight: UPVC pipes have strong elasticity and are very light in weight, which makes them very easy to handle and install. What many people do not know is that uPVC pipes are stronger than ordinary PVC pipes. uPVC pipes help to experience higher pressure bearing capacity than ordinary PVC pipes.


Installation Easy: This greatly reduces labour and installation costs. Because uPVC pipes are relatively lighter than steel pipes, they have lower transport costs and are easier to install. Solvent cement can be used to form joints in plain pipes, threaded pipes do not require solvent cement.

The connection process of uPVC pipes and fittings is done quickly and easily using inexpensive tools.


Non-toxic and odourless: they are not affected by fungi or bacteria. They are eco-friendly and made of virgin un-plasticized polyvinyl composites. Also, they are maintenance-free and these pipes are suitable for all types of cold water pipe operations in residential and commercial buildings.


·   uPVC pipes have good resistance to chemicals, corrosion and the effects of external conditions.


·       uPVC pipes have good resistance over hard water conditions


·       uPVC pipes are fire retardant.


·       uPVC pipes are widely used for drinking water supply l, faucet wells and bottom pipes, exhaust and sewer pipes, electrical installations and for the purpose of ventilation in the bathroom. The versatility of these uPVC pipes and fittings is the main reason for their popularity.


·       Lead-free

·       UV resistant

·       Chemical resistant

·       Waterproof

·       Pressure resistant


Which is better PVC or uPVC?

PVC Uses: Pipes, cable insulation, clothes, toys      

uPVC Uses: Window frames, plumbing and draining

PVC Full Name: Polyvinyl chloride 

uPVC Full Name: Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride

PVC uses: Flexible, but durable, low cost

uPVC uses: Rigid and durable; does not flex; safe for transporting drinking water; fire-resistant; recyclable


Due to its rigidity, uPVC is a better construction material than PVC. When you buy PVC decking boards, rails or side materials, you are buying materials made from uPVC, not PVC. In the United States, some sewer systems are made from uPVC pipe, but some water systems are made from it.


BPA (Bisphenol A) and phthalates are the chemicals that make PVC more flexible and accordingly release from uPVC. Both of these are not highly toxic, but not completely non-toxic. BPA is toxic only at very high concentrations, while certain types of phthalates, such as Di (2-Ethylhexyl) pithlate, are endocrine disruptors and can cause cancer. Nevertheless, many consumer goods, including baby toys, are made with phthalates.


This is one of the reasons why PVC pipes are not best for carrying drinking water to homes. they are mostly used, to take out the water that is used for gardening and landscaping. When you look at small plastic pipes and components in the medical or dental office, they are usually made of uPVC, not PVC, because PVC contains mildly toxic plasticizers.


Conclusion: if you need a pipe for carrying drinking water you can use uPVC. It is costlier compared to PVC pipes

Which is better PVC or uPVC



Which is better CPVC or UPVC?

For cold water/drinking water use uPVC pipes

For Hot water/drinking water use cPVC pipes


Is UPVC good for carrying drinking water?

YES, uPVC pipes are good for drinking water

Is UPVC good for hot water?

No, cPVC is a better option. UPVC pipes are good for cold water plumbing in both residential and commercial projects.


Which is best PVC or UPVC?

uPVC is a better option than PVC to use in plumbing in both residential and commercial projects.


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