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Feb 26, 2022

What is Laminate sheet? | Sizes | Thickness | Types | Manufacturing Process

It's generally, used as a finishing layer or protective layer for plywood, MDF, particleboard, wooden furniture, wall panels and flooring its made up of a composition of artificial material, they are made of joining thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins.

The laminate is printed with a decorative pattern or colour.


What are the Standard Sizes of Laminate?

What is the Standard Thickness of Laminate?




What is the manufacturing process of laminate?

Impregnating the paper: the process begins by soaking strips of paper in resin. Decorative plastic laminate can be made in different grades or thicknesses depending on its intended use. There may be from 7 to 18 layers of paper combined into the final sheet. The bottom layer is of Kraft paper, the top layer of sheet is translucent middle layer is the decorative layer.

Drying-resin is impregnated sheets are then put into the drying chamber and next they are cut into stacked layers. The clear layer and the decorative layer are on the top of the Kraft paper.  Finishing- dry sheet is cut into the desired size.



Low-pressure laminate: Low-pressure laminates are decorative paper on which melamine polish is applied. Which I fixed on M.D.E (Medium Density Fibreboard).

High-pressure laminate: High-pressure laminates are decorative sheets that are fixed on plywood.

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1.   Matte finish laminate

2.   Glossy finish laminates

3.   Textured finish laminates

4.   Solid colour laminate

5.   Digital laminates


1. Matte Finish Laminate

Matte finish decorative laminate has a surface that looks aesthetic and it gives a perfect look when it is being used for different furniture requirements.

It resists heat and scratch.


2. Glossy finish laminates

Glossy finish laminate area covered with plastic membrane sheets, acrylic sheet, painted glass, Duco paint, glazed tiles and paints to achieve the desired high gloss finish.


3. Texture Finished Laminate

In this type of laminate when you touch it you can feel the texture of laminate.

These laminate create an impressive impact on the furniture.


4. Solid Colour Laminate

These types of laminates have single solid colour without any prints or texture on it.

They are mainly used in kitchen countertops and bathroom areas. 

5. Digital finished laminates

Digital laminates are customised printed laminates for interiors, which offers architects and designers an easy, simple, and reliable mode of artistic expression.



Decorate laminates are used for the interior work of houses.it gives an attractive look for house interiors, walls.

It is also used in industrial areas which have high resistance to scratch.

It is also used in offices, hotel furniture.



·       cleaning process is easy

·       Economical

·       Available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, textures & colours.

·       High resistance to scratch and it is also moisture resistant.

·       It has a good waterproof.



·       It is artificially made

·       It is not durable.

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