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Mar 2, 2022

BWR grade Vs MR grade plywood | Difference Between BWR & MR Plywood

BWR Grade = Boiling Water Resistant plywood.

 MR Grade = Moisture Resistant plywood.

There are many types of plywood on the market these days so, it is important to know how to make the right choice for your home furniture plywood purchase.

 BWR vs BWP grade plywood

Let’s dive into the topic of MR Vs BWR grade. People often think that moisture resistance is waterproof. This is NOT true

Note that MR (moisture resistance) is of lower quality and price compared to BWR quality.

YES MR (Moisture resistance) Plywood has resisted a certain amount of moisture and humidity, it can certainly not be called waterproof.

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BWR plywood, on the other hand, is waterproof plywood.

MR is interior grade plywood used to make interior furniture, while BWR plywood is an exterior grade.


The main differences between commercial MR grade plywood and BWR plywood are summarized in the table below.


BWR = Boiling Water Resistant

MR = Moisture resistant

Has better strength and quality

Is of slightly lesser quality (comparatively)

It's a waterproof plywood

It's not waterproof.

high price

Economical (comparatively)

Exterior grade for outdoor use

Interior grade for indoor use

Phenol formaldehyde synthetic is used for glueing the plies together. This is a synthetic plastic resin.

Urea-formaldehyde resin is used for bonding the plies to each other. UF resin is not considered to be very eco-friendly.

Used for making kitchen furniture that is likely to get wet

Used for making furniture that is not likely to get wet. e.g. Drawing room or bedroom furniture.

Note: Some shoppers mistakenly (or deliberately?) Tell customers that Marine Plywood is like BWR quality waterproof plywood. The truth is Marine plywood is the finest plywood in which non-stretched (diluted) phenolic resins are used to glue the pliers together, which strengthens it. Marine fly is used for extreme events for outdoor use such as making boats and ships or other river equipment where the plywood stays wet for long periods of time.

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