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Mar 7, 2022

Teak Wood Furniture - Benefits and Drawbacks | LCETED

Teak Wood Furniture

Regardless of the furniture or flooring, teak wood has been a preferred solid wood material for many years. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of teak wood.



Aesthetic consideration

Teak wood has a rich golden-brown colour with a straight grain shape that looks very attractive. Compared to newer engineered wood alternatives such as particleboard, MDF and plywood, this teak wood furniture also feels good to the touch.

Other hardwoods are as strong as teak, but teak is one of the most popular in the world because of its beauty.


High in strength

Teak wood is a hardwood produced from broad-leaf deciduous trees, and is exceptionally high in strength, not only compared to softwoods such as mango wood or pinewood but also compared to other hardwood species of trees.



One of the most important benefits of teak wood is its durability. With proper maintenance, teak wood furniture can last for many years (in many cases over 100 years). This is the reason why ancient teak logs are still found today. If you want to buy furniture that will serve you, your children, and then your grandchildren, the best way is to buy teak wood furniture. Compare this with particleboard furniture which lasts only 3 to 4 years.


Natural Resistance to Termites and Insects.

The quality of this termite and pest resistance increases the life of the tree and this is the reason why teakwood is superior compared to many other wood species.

Teak wood has a natural oil content that resists termites (white ants), fungal stains and other pests that can destroy the tree. Anyone who has seen termites eaten all of the expensive wooden furniture will know how important this benefit is.


Heat Moderation

Like all other solid wood furniture, teak wood retains heat. This means that even when elements are exposed during hot summers or cold winters it does not become too hot or cold. Although most people do not explicitly notice this particular quality of wood, this is one reason why people instinctively like the touch and feel of natural wood furniture compared to plastic or metal counterparts.


Resists Rot and Decay

Teak wood is very dense and does not decay or rot easily. This is because it is so durable. Teak wood also has a natural resistance to many alkaline and acidic substances. So it does not get spoiled or stained easily.


High dimensional stability

Well, seasoned teak wood does not shrink or warp much. It retains its dimensions and is a stable material.


Seasoning of wood is the process of drying the timber logs obtained from trees, so as to reduce their moisture content. climate changes will not affect the well-dried wood.



Another important benefit of teak wood is that it has good resistance to moisture and water. Aside from its beauty, it is also a preferred wood material used in shipbuilding to make wood flooring and bases. Due to its Good moisture resistance, teak wood is very suitable for making indoor furniture and Exterior garden furniture.


Hand Carving

From a carpenter's or artisan's point of view, teak is a wonderful material to work with, because it can be carved by hand to enhance its beauty which cannot be done with engineered wood products such as particle boards, MDF or plywood.

Teak wood can be easily sawn and cut to desired sizes to create customized pieces of teak wood furniture as per the customer’s requirements.


Goes Well With Iron and Other Metals.

Wood and metal are widely used together. E.g. Consider nails used in sewing machines or woodwork fitted to desks in the old days. It is important that metals do not rust or corrode due to wood.

Although we cannot see, forests are constantly reacting to changes in the environment and balancing their humidity with the surrounding humidity.

This means that if the atmosphere is dry, the wood will provide moisture. When such moisture comes in contact with metals it can cause corrosion. Teak wood does not have this defect and has good compatibility with iron and other metals.


It's heavy.

Teak wood is a very dense wood and has a high weight to volume ratio. This can be considered a beneficial property because a basic rule in woodworking is that if a tree is dense and heavy, it will be strong. Apart from this, when buying solid wood furniture, most people have a unique preference for heavy and sturdy furniture.

Of course, one of the drawbacks of being heavy is that teak wood furniture is very difficult to move from one place to another.



High In cost

The only major drawback of teak wood is that it is very expensive. This is because of the declining natural resources over the years. Although the demand is as high as ever, supply is low. In addition to the natural old-growing teak trees in the forest, teak plantations (farms) have also thrived in recent years trying to meet this high demand.

The price of teak logs is referred to as a cubic foot, and it is much higher than buying plywood. Add to this the money that the artisans have to pay to make the customized piece or the commissions that the dealers earn when they buy ready-made teak wood furniture. This includes all costs.

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Hard to find high-quality wood

High quality and genuine teak wood is difficult for customers to identify because it requires some knowledge and experience of the trees. The easiest way to fix this problem is to get suggestions and help from a trusted and reliable source like us.



Needs care (needs to be polished once in every couple of years)

Requires care (should be polished every 2 to 3 years)

Compared to decorative laminates on plywood, solid teak wood furniture requires more care and maintenance. It should be polished every 2 to 3 years to maintain its beauty. Our carpenter recommends sandblasting it with 180 grit paper and polishing it regularly. There are different types of polishes available called lacquer, but the easiest way is to use the touch wood polish of Asian paints, which is specifically made to give shine to wood surfaces.

At the end of this article, we will say that the benefits of teak outweigh the drawback. The only major barrier is high cost due to low availability and high demand. If not for the high price, most people today would happily buy teak instead of particle boards and plywood, as our ancestors did.



What is hand-carved?

Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. Source: Wikipedia

Is teak good for furniture?

YES, we will say that the benefits of teak outweigh the drawback. The only major barrier is high cost due to low availability and high demand. If not for the high price, most people today would happily buy teak instead of particle boards and plywood, as our ancestors did.


What are the major drawbacks of teak wood?

Cost – It’s too expensive


What is teak colour?

Rich golden-brown colour


How can you tell real teakwood?

Look at the straight grain. In general, the grains of real teak is usually straight


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