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Sep 23, 2022

Masonry Wall Construction Checklist Format | Brick Wall Construction Checklist PDF Format download

A checklist in masonry wall construction has been prepared to ensure that masonry projects are built to a high standard. This is done by providing proper assistance to carry out the on-site review process.

“The person in charge of site inspection of masonry should prepare a wall construction checklist.”



A checklist of materials is also provided to the mason to review his work frequently so that the quality of work is ensured from his side as well. The method of preparation of the checklist in masonry work ensures that the standards are ensured not only for the masonry work but also for the workmanship standards.

To know more read: Checklist For Brick Masonry Wall Construction



Checklist For Brick Masonry

Required details in the checklist for masonry wall construction

Availability of material as per daily requirement & Test report

Cleaning work area off loose material/ concrete 

Proper stacking of bricks/ blocks

Quality of Bricks/ sand, Tests performed and OK?

Wetting of bricks

Door frames, if any, erected in position? 

Line out rechecked? (Room dimension, diagonals, alignment with one layer of brickwork, Door opening position & verticality, etc.,

Check Mortar Preparation & provision of platform

Check Mortar Thickness

Check Plumb

Check finished level / Rt. Angle/ Proportion of mix

Check hacking/ conduit/ silt content in sand

Check cleaning of dead mortar

Check curing/raking

Check the provision of Patti

Check for any addition & alteration

Check for proper pointing, packing & finishing



Click to download the brick masonry wall construction Checklist Pdf

brick masonry wall construction Checklist


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