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Nov 21, 2022

Data of Approximate Covering Capacity of Paints | Output of Painters Per day

In this article, we have given data covering the capacity of various types of paints and the output of painters

Approximate Covering Capacity of Paints

The below table gives You the approximate covering capacity of paints 

Material used

Covering Capacity on new surfaces per coat

Decorative Paints

Wall neutralizing cement primer (It is a high-grade primer on cement plaster and concrete surfaces and has good resistance to dampness. It is also used on new or old AC sheets before painting.)

12 to 14 m2/l

Synthetic OBD (Oil Bound Distemper) (It is like butter and can be thinned with up to 80% water for the first coat.)

10 to 12 m2/l

Ordinary distemper on color powder (It is an inexpensive paint for interior.)

17 to 22 m2/kg

Superior acrylic plastic emulsion paint (It is suitable for interior and exterior, can be thinned to 100% with water, and is easily spreadable over cement and wood primers. It is washable.)

17 to 22 m2/kg

Inexpensive emulsion paint (It is fit for interior use only.)

22 to 25 m2/l

Cement paint like Snowcem (It is suitable for interior and exterior brickwork, concrete plaster, pebble dash, concrete block, etc. These paints need curing.)

2 to 4 m2/kg

Exterior Paints

Acrylic plastic emulsion (exterior paints

5.5 to 6 m2/l for 2 coats

Cement paint ordinary (exterior paints)

2 to 4 m2/kg (one coat) 20%

Cement paint (trade name ‘Unique’ sold by Supercem which does not need curing)

More than cement paint

Metal and Wood Paints

Synthetic enamel paint to be painted on primer (red oxide zinc chromate primer for metal and wood primer for wood)


(i) Superior

18 to 22 m2/l

(ii) Ordinary grade

15 to 22 m2/l

Steel primer (red oxide or zinc chromate primer)

14 to 18 m2/l

Wood primer (pink primer for wood)

14 to 18 m2/l

Aluminum paint (for storage tanks, pipes, roof girders, and trusses and can be applied on respective primers on steel and wood)

20 to 22 m2/l

Preservatives and Varnishes

Wood preservative (brown and clear, suitable for interior and exterior)

14 to 16 m2/l

Copal varnish (general purpose varnish)

14 to 16 m2/l

French polish (suitable for wooden furniture)

14 to 16 m2/l

Melamine finish


(i) Brushing (applied by brush)

8 to 10 m2/l

(ii) Spraying

5 to 6 m2/

Polyurethane clear wood finish (Brushing)

8 to 10 m2/l

Wood sealer paint (Brushing)

8 to 10 m2/l

Data of Approximate Covering Capacity of Paints

Labor Output on Painting Activity – Output of Painters

The daily output of present-day painters is much less than that of old-time painters. Its maximum value (approximately) may be taken as follows for a single coat:

For painting new masonry works, 30 square meters per day.

For painting old masonry works, 35 to 40 square meters per day.

For painting window grill work, 20 to 25 square meters per day.

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