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Nov 10, 2022

What is the Work order in construction? | Work Order Format - Lceted

What is the work order in construction?

A work order is a document that has all the information about a work and describes the process to complete that work. Work orders should have the components of details like

·       Contact information

·       Assignment information

·       Dates

·       Service description

·       Materials description

·       Signatures


work order in construction

Information to include in the construction work order

There are Main components to include on a construction work order:


Contact information

Attach contact information about who the client can contact for queries or updates. Contact information of the project manager, site engineer, and client service department, depending on your organizational structure.  In this section, you can also include billing information and company details such as your address and legal business name.


Assignment information

Adding a unique work order number and priority to each project. This helps us when filing and reviewing work orders, especially when you have multiple projects in progress.


Project Closure Date/Material Arrival Date

There are many important dates to include in the construction work schedule. For most projects, you can add estimated start and end dates for a project. You can also include certain milestones, such as the expected date of completion of certain parts of the project or the expected date of arrival of materials.

So we can negotiate dates if we expect a faster turnaround on certain projects, such as emergency repairs.




Service description

A service description covers the overall scope of a project. This includes the expected result of a project, along with the responsible teams. For automated work orders such as maintenance, this field may already contain template information. Manual work orders may require details of the services and labor you provide. Consider including the cost of labor in the service description or in its own section.


Example: Work order for Labor Contract for Residential building

The contract scope of the main work includes

Steelwork, Shuttering Work, Concrete Work, Staircase work, Brickwork plastering work, Window grill fixing, each bedroom & kitchen one Cub-board and lot & kitchen Platform in kitchen, 4.5" Parapet wall up to 3'6" height, Basement Height up to 3'height. (Asper given Drawing)

Rate Per Sqft - _______ /-

All materials required for construction to be supplied by ________ (Cement, Steel, 20mm sand,

1. bricks, small tackles, etc...)

2 Concrete Mixture machine, Lift machine and Vibrator For concerting works to be provided by_________

3. Tools & Tackles to execute Construction Works like Sponges, Ladder, Gunny Cloths, etc. to be provided by the Client

Extra works

RCC Overhead tank - Rate ____

Lit Brick wall septic tank - Rate ____

Compound wall height up to 6' From ground level - Rate ____

Special Elevation Works - As per actual

Waterproofing Works - As per actual

Terrace brickbat jelly & terracotta tilling works - Rate ____


Materials Description

A materials description includes what materials and tools you may need to complete a project. Who’s going to supply it, whether it's a client or a service provider.  Consider the price and quantity here so clients understand how much they can afford to pay for the job. This section may include additional charges, such as taxes or shipping costs, for which the customer is responsible.



If the work order is a contract between a construction company and its client, the signature field shows that both parties agree to the terms listed in the work order. This includes agreeing on both the scope and cost of the project. Include a signature line and date for you and the client so you can both file the record and refer to it as needed.

Click to download Work order Template in PPT format

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