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Mar 27, 2021

Difference Between Beam and Column | What Is Beam | What Is Column

Beam and Column both are load-carrying structural members. They can by differentiate in the way, they carry the load in a Structural System.

In this article, you can know the difference between beam and column




The horizontal member of a structure that resists transverse load is called the beam.

Commonly referred to as the vertical member column of a structure that resists axial/eccentric loads.

It carries a perpendicular load to the longitudinal axis.

It carries a parallel load to the longitudinal axis.

Bending and shear force resistor.

Compression load resistor

Beam Shape types - square, rectangular, I shape, T shape, H shape.

Column Shape types -   T Shape, L Shape, C Shape, Rectangular, Circular, Square, Elliptical Etc



Slabs, ceiling, floor, roof weights are carried and transfers to columns.

It will carry the loads transferred by the beam and eventually transfer it to the floor and footing.

RCC beam requires minimal steel according to its cross-section

·        0.259% on Indian Standard

·        0.323% on American Standard

·       0.24%  on British Standard

RCC column requires minimal steel according to its cross-section

·        0.80% on Indian Standard

·        1% on American Standard

·       4%  on British Standard

200 mm is the minimum width of the required beam.

The minimum width of the required column is 200 mm, however, it should be 300 mm for earthquake resistance.

RCC beam has elongated steel has two faces, which are used to resist the bending moment, while the vertical loads are resisted by stripes or inclined beam.

The RCC column has Longitudinal steel on all faces, which basically resists shrinkage.

Casting is usually by slab, so much attention is paid to its concrete and curing in the case of RCC structures.

It is usually cast in small-batch, so the quality of concrete and curing is neglected in the case of RCC structures.

Beam’s failure does not happen suddenly. Depending on the cause of its failure, it will give a warning in the form of deviation and cracking and one can deal with its failure or take some time to deal with the failure.

Failure of the column can sometimes cause an insufficient warning, occurs suddenly and lead to the collapse of the entire structure, so no compromise should be made on the most important element of the column and its design, size, reinforcement, quality of concrete, and curing. Etc.


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