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Mar 4, 2022

BWR plywood vs. Marine plywood | Differences between BWR and Marine Plywoods - LCETED


BWR plywood = Boiling Water Resistant plywood.


Marine-grade plywood


BWR plywood vs. Marine plywood

In the article, we will compare and differentiate between BWR grade and Marine grade plywood.

In our previous article, we compared BWR plywood with MR grade plywood and concluded that waterproof BWR is better than MR grade


BWR Grade Means Boiling Water Resistant Plywood.

It is a good quality waterproof exterior quality plywood that is suitable for most home furniture needs. Most interior designers and carpenters prefer to use BWR plywood to make kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture.

Indian Standards quality specification for BWR grade is specified in document IS:303


Marine Grade plywood

Marine-grade plywood is of better quality than BWR and it is used in conditions that ensure long-term exposure to extreme weather conditions such as plywood submersion. It is a great choice for building ships, boats and other marine applications.


What makes marine plywood so strong and water-resistant is the use of high-quality wood veneers and non-stretchable (insoluble) phenolic resins to make plywood. The adhesive phenol formaldehyde is actually a synthetic plastic resin, which greatly enhances the waterproofing quality of marine plywood. In BWR grade ply, on the other hand, extensions are added to the resin and diluted before using it to glue the ply together.

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The use of waterproof BWR quality exterior plywood for home furniture needs is generally considered adequate, and expensive marine grade plywood is generally not used for such purposes.

Indian standards specification for Marine plywood is detailed in document IS:710


The main differences between BWR Plywood and Marine Plywood are summarized in the table below.


BWR grade plywood

Marine-grade plywood

lesser strength and quality (comparatively)

It is stronger and has better water resistance.

BWR grade is a waterproof plywood

Better waterproofing. Can be submerged in water for at least 72 hours without damage.

Economical (comparatively)

High in cost

The diluted phenol-formaldehyde adhesive is used to glue plywood together.

formaldehyde resin adhesive is used to glue plywood together.

Grade: Exterior grade (used for outdoor use)

Grade: Exterior grade (used for extreme weather conditions)

Used for  making kitchen furniture that is likely to get wet

Not generally used for making home furniture. Used in boat-building and other marine applications.


Is marine ply and BWR ply the same?

NO, Both Marine Plywood and BWR have their own characteristics. Therefore, before buying plywood, it is very important to know about the applications and properties of plywood. Marine plywood and BW plywood are available in different thicknesses from 6mm to 32mm.


Which plywood is best for waterproofing? 

Marine-grade plywood has excellent waterproofing compared to any plywood. As the name implies, marine-grade plywood is a great choice for building ships, boats and other marine applications.


Is BWR ply waterproof?

Boiling waterproof plywood has high resistance to water and is considered completely waterproof.

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Is Marine ply stronger than normal ply?

Comparatively, YES


How long will marine grade plywood last?

Depending on the quality of the plywood and how the plywood is used, marine-grade plywood can last from 5 years to 25years. 

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