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Mar 4, 2022

Commercial plywood Vs MDF - lceted

In This article, we will compare Commercial plywood and MDF. Both are engineered woods


Commercial plywood Vs MDF

Commercial plywood (MR grade)


MR grade plywood is moisture-resistant plywood. Keep in mind that moisture resistance does not mean waterproof.

MDF - medium density fiberboards. it has moisture-resistant.

Interior grade plywood is used indoors.

It is available in both interior and exterior grades. Interior grade MDF is designed for indoor use. Exterior grade can be used outdoors.

It can be used in the following ways Wall Mounted Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets, Wall Partition, Wardrobes, Shelves, Tv Tables, Display Boxes.

Commonly used for making ready-made furniture, and used for panelling which can be finished with paint

Commercial plywood is not usually laminated during production. So decorative laminates are purchased separately and glued to the plywood surfaces.

In most cases, MDF boards are prelaminated during their production. It is a process in which a decorative laminate is pressed and mixed into the top and bottom surfaces of the board.

Plywood is wood veneers bonded together to produce a flat sheet of Plywood. The veneers are then placed over one another and hot-pressed together to form a strong bond.

MDF is made of wood called very fine particles of wood fibres. The glue mixes with these particles and presses the mixture under high pressure and temperature to form boards.

UF (Urea-formaldehyde) adhesive is usually used to glue the layers of plies together.

The adhesive used is the same. Urea formaldehyde-based resin is mixed with the wood fibres to make the boards.

Less cost (comparatively)

High in Costlier (comparatively)

The quality of commercial MR grade plywood in India is specified in Indian Standard document no. IS:303

The Indian quality standards for MDF boards are specified in Indian Standard document IS:14587 (for pre-laminated boards), IS:12406 (for plain boards)


therefore, between MDF vs Plywood, which one should you choose? MDF is not suitable for outdoor use as it does not handle moisture well. So use it indoors - decorative panelling or furniture. MDF is suitable for cutting, machining and drilling because it does not chip easily.


Plywood, on the other hand, is a very strong material that can be used for doors, floors, stairs and outdoor furniture. It is easy to create curved surfaces with plywood because it bends easily



Is MDF harder than plywood?

No, Mdf is not stronger than plywood


Which is better MDF board or plywood?

For a good finish, use MDF. For strength, use plywood. For moisture-resistant use plywood


Is MDF more costly than plywood?

Yes (comparatively)


Is MDF waterproof?


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