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Jan 22, 2023

How to Prepare Project Schedule for Construction Site | Project Schedule Format - Lceted

What is Construction Project Schedule?

A construction schedule is a complete blueprint of how a project will be executed and when it will be executed, we can have sequence of each job and define the resources needed and the teams responsible for each task in the construction process. A construction schedule will indicate project timelines/milestones and tracks project progress to keep everything on time and on budget.


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How to prepare for the Construction project schedule? | Base build Project Schedule | Interior fit out project schedule

Step 1: List down all your project tasks, deliverables, and milestones.

The first step in construction project planning is to create a list of the various tasks, deliverables, and other milestones for project completion.

Begin by categorizing everything using a work breakdown structure and getting a sense of purpose for


We must organize the tasks in our construction plan schedule into 3 main stages:

Stage 1 – Pre-Construction: This phase includes design planning, mobilizations, Safety activities, submittal, and permissions. Think about everything you need to have before the actual creation begins.

Stage 2 - Construction: The construction phase is the main objective of the project schedule. To ensure your project does not fall behind the timeline, coordinate closely with superusers and subcontractors to understand the amount of time required to complete their tasks and the availability of their field team and delivery of the materials.

Stage 3 - Completion: Final stage of the schedule we need to coordinate for Final inspections & works at this stage include, de-snagging, close-out document submission, deep cleaning & training to give to the client.


Step 2: Schedule works onto your construction timeline.

The next step in the construction schedule planning process is to allocate a time frame for each activity required to complete your project.

Always give minimal buffer time to each activity which should fall under the completion period. Compare your planned and actual timelines and review past construction schedules to assess the time the activity takes to complete. Always work on the timeframe with external factors in account such as seasonal effects on the weather or potential delivery delays.


Step 3: Add dependencies between related tasks.

You can’t frame the roof before the walls have been built or hang drywall before the electrical and plumbing have been installed. That’s why dependencies are a critical part of construction planning and scheduling.


Add dependencies between tasks to ensure work happens in the proper order and give everyone a clear sense of how their tasks impact others.


Step 3: Add Sequence and dependency between related tasks.

You can't design a Ceiling before the Partition walls are built, Closing the gypsum board without the First fix of MEP. That is why dependencies and sequence of each work are such an important part of construction planning and scheduling. We need minimal knowledge of the sequence of tasks to schedule with workflow smoothly and give stakeholders a clear view of the completion of each milestone


Step 4: Assign resources to the schedule.

Work does not happen by itself. You need people to do that, and that's where resource work comes in.

Want to make sure to indicate each task and milestone in your construction schedule with the team responsible for the task. So, we can raise questions and indicate the deadline to the concerned team and the dependency


Step 5: Monitor and troubleshoot your construction project.

A plan is a living document that breathes and evolves as work progresses. So, we need to update it on a weekly or certain period we need to keep up to date.


Review your construction schedule regularly to ensure it reflects the latest project status and schedules. This will make it easier for you to avoid delays and problems before your entire project falls apart.




Construction Project Schedule

Construction Project Schedule

Click to download the Construction Project Schedule Excel format

Construction Project Schedule


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