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Jan 12, 2023

POP Wall-Punning Work Checklist | Checklist for interior works

In this article, we attached the interior checklist of Wall Punning and POP works for civil engineers to follow

Preparation of surface

1. Ensure the surface to be plastered should be cleaned & free from efflorescence, and sufficiently rough to ensure a proper bond

2. Ensure proper hacking is done in the concrete surface

3. Electric wall conducting is completed, MS boxes are fixed properly and repair has been done

4. Wooden door frames are fixed and hold fast and are properly grouted

5. Ensure at the junction of the column, beams vertically & horizontally fiber mesh is provided with 100mm overlap on each side

6. Ensure a level pad to be provided prior to the plaster for dimension, plumb, and right angles checks

Application of gypsum plaster

1. Ensure approved material should be used (Gypsum, bonding agent, fiber mesh, etc.)

2. Ensure bonding agent is applied on the ceiling wherever required

3. Check the dimension of the door and windows as per the drawing

4. Check and ensure uniformity of the plaster and plumb for the surface is achieved and all the corners have been smoothly finished

5. check and ensure right angles and plumb for the surface

6. Check and ensure the dimension of the room is as per the drawing

7. Check and ensure cleaning is done after completion of plaster on the same day


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