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May 27, 2023

What is a Prequalification Questionnaire? | Vendor Pre-Qualification Questionnarie Form | Pre-Qualification Questionnaire Core Questions

What is a Prequalification Questionnaire?

A pre-qualification questionnaire asks potential tenderers or suppliers about their experience level, technical capabilities, and financial status. It enables the buyer to shortlist suitable suppliers for the project who will be invited to bid for the contract.




A. Company Information

1. Company Name

2. Years in business

3. Business Type

4. Registered Address

5. PAN India presence and regional offices details

6. Describe how your business is structured (for example, ownership, management, business structure)."

7. Please provide the number of employees your company has by job function."

8. Please List your company's Main Service Offerings.  Please include information relating to the type of work you specialize in and your relevant experience in this area.

9. Annual Turnover (in Cr INR)








10. Is the contractor have previous experience in Design & build

interior fit-out project completion."

11. Previous completed project Design & Build Interior fit out

cost (pls mention the number of projects)"

Above 10 Cr

7.5 Cr to 10 Cr

5 Cr to 7.5 Cr

2 Cr to 5 Cr

Less than 2 Cr

12. List of Previously completed Design & Build Interior projects -

Number of projects

Upto - 15000 SFT

15000 - 30000 SFT

30000 - 40000 SFT

Above 40000 SFT

13. List of the ongoing current project

Project Name1

Project Name2

Project Name3

Project Name4

Project Name5

14. Recent Completed Project Client Reference

Client 1 Name, Designation, Phone & E-Mail

Client 2 Name, Designation, Phone & E-Mail

Client 3 Name, Designation, Phone & E-Mail

Client 4 Name, Designation, Phone & E-Mail

Client 5 Name, Designation, Phone & E-Mail


B. Compliance

1. PF/ESI details:-

Reg. No. PF

Reg. No. ESI

Reg. No. WCT.

2. PAN Details:


Photocopy of PAN

3. Latest Income tax clearance certificate

4. CAR and Workmen Policy

5. "Is there any Involvement in any litigation under the above

Acts? If yes, please specify"

6. Please attach the certificate of incorporation

7. Please attach the GST registration details

8. Solvency certificate from Banker

Value of solvency certificate

9. Please attach the canceled cheque

10. "Bank a/c details on your letterhead (attested from your


11. "List any arbitration cases/ legal disputes on Current/ previous projects - Mention the name of the project, the reason for the dispute, the party filing the suit, and the current status."

12. "Awareness of construction requirements under SEZ -List all

the SEZ projects are done at the given location."

13. "Awareness of construction requirements under LEED / GRIHA / other Green Building certifications. List all green buildings. projects along with the certification received for these projects."


C. Quality (Need Supporting Attachments)

"1. ISO 14001 certification. If yes, please attach a copy of the certificate"

2. Please attach the Quality manual/ Quality Policy


D. Safety

1. "Does your organization have an Environmental, Health & Safety Policy/manual? If yes, then attach a copy."

2. "Summarize your organization's approach to maintaining the safety of your plant, tools, tackles and equipment. (Attach additional sheet if required)"

3. "Has your organization developed an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001? Please provide an answer YES/NO  If yes, please attach your certificate.   If no, give details of which standard your organization may use."

4. "How do you ensure that onsite working practices and procedures always conform to your own as well as the client’s / PMC’s EHS policy, standards, and procedures?"

5. Safe working method statements to be attached

6. Any prosecution or cases pending under the EH&S

7. "Does the vendor achieve SMH for all projects in a year. If Yes, provide the statistics for a year of all projects."

8. "How many reportable incidents have there been  in your organization during the last 3 years?"

9. "Has your organization been prosecuted for health and safety incidents during the last 3 years? Please select YES/NO If yes, please provide details."

10. "Please provide details of any recognitions/awards for achievements in EHS performance won or received by your company in the last 3 years. (Attach a copy of the certificate of

appreciation – if any)"


E. Documentation Process & Supporting tools

1. Please elaborate on the process and tools used for :

2. Costing

3. Scheduling

4. Reporting


F. Presence and capability

1. Company's office Location in the city where the project is being executed (not applicable for supply package)

2. Does the vendor have in-house manufacturing facility.


G. Delivery & Responsiveness

1. "Projects delivered in the last 12 months -has vendor completed as per schedule with no delays attributed to them? If no, please specify the project, total delay that occurred, and reason for delay."

2. "What is the turnaround time for defects arising during the defects liability period"


H. Resources - Mention the number of resources


1. Technical Manpower (not applicable for Supply packages)

2. Design Engineers

3. Senior Project Managers

4. Planning/ Commercial Team

5. Site Engineers

6. Supervisors

7. Safety Personnel

8. Quality Personnel

9. Skilled Technicians

10. Others (Pls . Specify)

11. Please provide the details of machinery & Equipment

12. What is the Mobilization time for resources

13. "Past experience & current workload (enter the details in the

vendor project details sheet)"

14. "Has the vendor executed the project of the area more than the said


15. "3 recent projects in the location where the project is being executed (in sqft)"

16. Current workload (in sqft)


I. Previous Experience  with Architects / PMC / MEP consultants

Vendor to comply with Employer and Client's code of conduct.


J. "Previous Experience with Architects / PMC / MEP consultants"

1. "Please provide a list of Architects/ Consultants with whom your organization has worked."

2. "Please provide a list of PMCs with whom your organization has worked."

3."Any recognition received from the PMC/ Architect/Consultant/ client. Please attach proof of the same."


K. Package Specific (for Supply packages)

1. Awareness of LEED's latest version

2. Awareness of BIM                               

3. Material Mock-up setup period

4. Please specify the tentative Material Delivery period

5. "Elaborate Experience of working for scale of type of project equivalent to proposed project"

6. Name the Suppliers with whom you have worked in past

7. Name the Suppliers proposed for this project

To be filled by Employer only

L. Employer's experience with the vendor (Employer to rate)

1. Have you worked with an Employer in the past? (Enter the data for the rest of the parameters only if the answer to this parameter is YES)

2. Quality of Workmanship

3. Involvement of Senior Management (regional/country head)

4 .Do the managerial/supervisory resources deployed by the vendor are sufficient in numbers & technically competent

4. "Does the vendor stringently follow safety guidelines and committed to safety on the site."

5. Does the vendor follow all the required set of compliances/process and provides necessary reports & documents on

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